About Us

Incahoots Arbor EntryA Brief History

     Incahoots began as a small plant store in downtown McMinnville in 1974. The story goes that since there was more than one owner, they were ‘in cahoots’. They also sold various accessories and the original name of the business was ‘Incahoots with Plants and Paraphernalia”. As time passed, the name got shortened, the business changed locations and owners several times and in 1985, Ted and Harriet Gahr, the owners at the time, moved Incahoots to its present location at 905 NE Baker Street.

     Janet Gahr and Brian Bailey purchased Incahoots from Janet’s parents in 1987. Over the years, from customer suggestions and the whims of the owners, it has added many new lines of merchandise: coffee and tea, gifts, greeting cards, fresh flowers, garden plants and supplies, music, books, imports, and holiday items.

     Incahoots is focused on offering quality merchandise at fair prices and to providing prompt and courteous service. Extra effort is made to sell products which are earth friendly and have a positive aspect.


Mission Statement

     Incahoots offers positive and enjoyable experiences to all who visit. By providing a fun and informative shopping experience, and treating everyone with honesty, respect and fairness, we will become the preferred place to shop for plants, flowers and meaningful gifts.